Monday, December 10, 2012

A Change in Style - Pt 2 Footwear

I like shoes. I do. I especially like the idea of shoes. I really hardly ever wear different ones. I love heels. I do not love to wear heels. I like sneakers. I'm very picky about sneakers, and boots. I love love love boots, but finding a great pair of boots that are also flats is really hard.

<-- I was lucky enough to find this pair earlier this year around Halloween. I love these boots. They are fabulous. I almost want to buy a second pair of these for when I inevitably wear out the first pair. I originally bought them to go with my Halloween costume, but I wear them all the time. I like them a lot more than my sneakers. They're pretty comfortable, and they have pretty decent traction in the snow too. 

I really love the idea of these boots. They are the Melissa Tall Lace Boots by Frye. They're also about $400. I originally saw them on Once Upon a Time, which is one of my favorite shows, on one of my favorite characters Emma Swan. I love Emma Swan's style on the show and these boots are a great example. I would love to find some similar boots for a more reasonable price. I do not have $400 to spend on a random pair of boots. 

I'm really in love with the riding boots this season. I've only seen these two pairs online, so I'm not sure how much I'd love them in person, but they look really great. Maurice's is a surprisingly great place for footwear. 
This is the Alexa Riding Boot with Side Buckle, and I really like the brown. It reminds me of this pair of boots that I bought earlier in the year. They're super cute and I love the Cognac color, but I am very reluctant to wear heels, especially in the winter, so I'd love to have a similar flat. These ones are also pretty great: 
That is the Tosca Zip Back Riding Boot and they look pretty great in the brown as well. I'd really love a pair of riding boots that laces up the front like those Frye boots, but I haven't been able to find any I like that are an affordable price. 

Charlotte Russe has these lovelies hiding on their website, but not in their stores. These are amazing Cognac Knee-High Lace Boots and they also have them online in black as well. Not a bad price either. $45.50 I really like the Charlotte Russe website, but I wish I could easily link pictures of their products on my blog.

That's all we have time for today. If anyone wants to buy me a pair of any of these fabulous boots, I'm usually an 8 or an 8.5. 

Friday, November 30, 2012

A Change in Style

I am not what you would call a fashionable person. Sure,
 I watch Project Runway, adore Tim Gunn, and know what I like in terms of clothing, but my regular day to day look is generally jeans and a tank top. I've never really been the kind of girl who puts a lot of time into her appearance. I figure if you don't like me in my natural state, then you're not going to change your opinion just because of some makeup and a fancy hairdo, but lately I have been thinking that while I want an effortless style, effortless doesn't have to mean sloppy. My inner girl is convinced that if I just buy enough high heels and skirts that eventually I will start wearing them. She is horribly horribly wrong, but there is no reason I can't class up my jeans with a minimum of effort. I think a good place to start is with layering. That way I can still wear my beloved tank tops, but look a bit classier. Also, tanktops are nearly useless in winter. I've pretty much worn the same sweater over every tank top I own every time I leave the house. I think a good start to dressing up my everyday look is a nice jacket. A great jacket can make your look, plus they are usually versatile in that you can wear them nearly year round. I have a heavier coat that I can wear when it's cold/snowing, but it's not flattering at all. A dressier coat would also be a great addition to my wardrobe. I can look fabulous and dressed up in a skirt, but once I put on my coat, I get lost in it. The problem here is that clothes, nice clothes, are very expensive. These are a few of my favorite jackets from one of my favorite shows, Once Upon a Time. I wish I could afford jackets like these ones. They're custom jackets, so I don't even want to think about how much they would cost. 

They're all from Oceandrive Leather. I also really like this one. 

I'll never own one of these, but a girl can dream. The closest I've seen to any of these that I've actually liked and was willing to pay for is at Hot Topic: Royal Bones Slim Moto Jacket 
Charlotte Russe had some cute ones, but I didn't find any I really liked. I'm open to suggestions if anyone has found any nice motorcycle jackets anywhere for a decent price. 

Hot Topic also had a few awesome dressy coats. I especially like this one: Royal Bones Black Twill Trench and this one: Black Zip Lace Up Back 
I found a few more coats in a style I like at Maurice's. I end up buying quite a lot of clothes at the Maurice's. They're not super spendy, but their stuff is usually fairly good quality and I like the styles available. 
I really liked this one from Maurices. It's more feminine than a lot of the trenchcoats or peacoats this season so it would give me that girly edge without a lot of effort. 

And this one was also one of the coats I liked. At the store they had this one in a deep blue color that was really pretty, but I can't find it on the website in any color other than black. 

I was hoping to find a coat in a houndstooth pattern, but they didn't seem to have any available when I was looking. These are just the things I was able to find when half-asleep on Black Friday. 

These are a few of the things I found at Charlotte Russe when I was shopping online. They are nice, but I'm not in love with them, like I am with Emma's coats. Part of my worry is that they will get dirty really quickly, or wear quickly and lose their charm. It's just a fact of life when you live with a 1 year old and two cats. There was a white denim motorcycle jacket, a metallic blue pleather jacket, and another white quilted zip front pleather jacket.

Simple classic style is what I'm looking for, I want to have something that is a little bit feminine, but a little bit edgy and above all easy and simple. And if anyone wants to take pity on me and buy me one of these awesome jackets or coats I'm probably a medium.

Friday, May 18, 2012

Title Unknown

I never know what to write about. See Faith sit. See Faith write. See Faith have absolutely no idea what to write about, get frustrated and give up and watch TV instead. As pathetic as it sounds, this is usually how my writing sessions go. It’s my goal to do Camp NaNoWriMo in both June and August of this year, and not only start something but finish it. Unfortunately I’m afraid i’m going to get caught in those same behavior cycles. 

I have an idea that seems to sap all of my creative energy. I’ve been working on it for years, and it’s still less than half finished. This single idea haunts my creative side like a series of poltergeists trying to turn every creative moment into something about that idea. 

I’m determined that for the course of at least the first Camp NaNo this year that I am not going to incorporate ANY of the idea haunting my subconcious. Unfortunately because that idea is like a psychic vampire sucking all of my creativity into it, I’m having a very hard time coming up with something new to write about. 

I’m drawn to the idea of a modernization of a classic myth or fairy tale ala Once Upon a Time but I’m hesitant because I don’t want to just copy what they did. I’m afraid my fear of being too similar to what’s out there is going to cripple my ability to write anything at all. 

I guess most of what this is about is fear. I’m afraid to try something new. I’m afraid to write something that is too similar to something that is already out there. I’m afraid to make the time to do this. I’m afraid I’m going to end up neglecting things that I need to do because I’m trying to do something for me. It’s something that I’ve always wanted to do, and I’m afraid to do it. 

I guess what it really comes down to is, I’m afraid to commit to an idea because then I’ll be committing to making time to write it, and I’m afraid to commit to that because I don’t want to let anyone down. Even though I’m letting myself down by not honestly trying to write and finish a story. /sigh 

I am a giant neurotic mess, and thus this blog post, which is only coming about because I’m sick and someone else is taking care of the baby and Dy is a very difficult person to take care of when he’s sick and since I’m also sick I decided not to bother. 

I feel like a crazy person. And not in the good way. :(

Friday, March 16, 2012

Long Time, No Blog!

I fell off the face of the blogosphere for a while, but now I'm back. Things I've been up to:
  • Being a mom. Wiggle is adorable. 
  • Small amounts of crafting. This includes making Wiggle a pixie hat.
  • Sewing. I sewed a costume for my roommate, Gnome, it's 90% finished.
  • Being sick. My immune system crashed hard post-baby and I spent several months getting illness after illness.
  • Playing Words with Friends. Username: slayeresque
  • Joining Pinterest.
  • Planning a wedding. Dy and I aren't married yet, and we don't really have a wedding date set. I'm trying to figure out the kind of wedding we're looking for so we can figure out a budget and set a date. So far I have a dress (I bought it pre-baby, so hopefully it still fits. I didn't gain a significant amount of weight, but you never know if it redistributed or not) and I'm thinking probably June 2013.
 Also insomnia, which is why this post is coming to you at 5:41am and is largely consistant of a list. More to come later, when I've slept and woken up again.